Meet the Artist

London Snow

Welcome to my new updated website.  
     I began working in illustration over forty years ago.  The purpose of my art gradually moved from realistic depictions of natural objects to visions of the natural world with an underlying message.
     The emphasis of my painting now is spiritual, whether portraying the cathedrals of England or the cathedral peaks of the sierras or rocky mountains.  It results from an intersection of interests – in additions to my Christian faith are a love and knowledge of history, of nature, of art and artists, of the Anglican Church, and of Celtic spirituality.

 Artistic Goals
      My goal as an artist is to create a special place for the viewer.  When someone stands in front of one of my paintings I want the world to go away, leaving them in a place of peaceful solitude where they can commune with God or nature, free from human distractions.  This isn’t a feeling of being alone, but of being in the presence of something greater than themselves.
     You may notice there are never people in my paintings  (Except for the portrait I did of my wife).  That’s because if there’s a human anywhere in a painting the focus immediately foes to that person.  The attention turns outward, while I want the viewers’ mind to turn inwards.

David Mooney
Metal Detecting

     While I’m basically self-taught I have had many teachers.  These are the paintings found in countless art museums, from the classical beauty of Leighton to the fierce freedom of van Gogh.  I’ve been inspired by Rembrandt’s glowing light, Monet’s color, and Wyeth’s compositions, and look forward to many more lessons.
And Lastly 
     I live in the foothills of the sierras in northern California with my wife and our dog and three cats.  My wife and I share many interests – travel, fossil hunting, beachcombing, metal detecting, and searching for antiques.  We both love books and reading (especially history).  I also love many types of music.  I play classical violin and made a CD of Scottish fiddle music.
     My paintings can be seen at Art Works Gallery at 113 Mill St. in Grass Valley.