About David Mooney

David is a Christian artist creating Art of the Spirit in the tradition of the master painters. His current work results from an intersection of interests – a love and knowledge of history, of nature, of art and artists, of the Anglican Church, and of Celtic spirituality. Before he became a Christian he painted landscapes and wildlife. Even then, he had a sense of God’s presence everywhere. The sense of God’s presence in his paintings was enhanced after his conversion. A trip to England provided an epiphany, and he began to create paintings of the great Anglican monuments built by man to the glory of God – from the grand medieval cathedrals to the simple but loved parish churches.

David is a self-taught artist, who first used his talents to draw anatomy as a pre-med student. He has illustrated natural history books and magazine articles, designed and painted wall murals, done theater set design, and created children’s books.

David lives with his wife in the mountain town of Grass Valley in Northern California. His paintings can be seen at Art Works Gallery at 113 Mill Street in Grass Valley. He is a classically trained violinist and frequently accompanies the parish choir at Trinity Episcopal Church. He also enjoys Scottish Fiddling, which he has studied in this country and in Scotland. Other interests include fossil hunting, history, and travel.

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